Octopus: Mooring System

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The Octopus Mooring system is a temporary to semi-permanent mooring system which is perfect if you have a favourite place to stop on a regular basis. Unlike most mooring systems the Octopus is eco friendly and does not harm the environment and eco-system when he is installed, nor does it drag along the sea floor thus preserving the marine life around it.

The system also has a patented shock/ springer system which is designed to take the ‘snatch’ out of the mooring ropes and dramatically reduces the boat jerking while in mid to rough seas, thus is the perfect mooring system for anyone who has a small to midsized (38ft) boat and likes entertain or sleep on their vessel.

This Kit consists of
4 x Galvanised Wombat Anchors
4 x D-Shackle
1 x Install T-Bar
1 x Mooring shock system (see pictures)
- Bungees, Limiter Rope, Buoys and Shackle system

The Wombat that are included in this kit are made from super-strong Galvanised steel and can hold up to 520kg ( 1150lbs) depending on soil types and have the added benefit of being Rust and corrosion free.
The Water Wombat is the perfect companion of any boating or marine enthusiast.

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